I’m on a mission to help others show up every day with a purpose by discovering how to live life with fierce faith – faith in God and faith in themselves. As a coach, speaker, podcaster, and writer, I’d love to share my story and what I have discovered to help others live as the person they want to be and who God designed and created them to be. My heart’s desire is to help others flip the script and to leave the audience with practical steps they can use to shift their perspective, to step boldly into their calling, and share ways they can overcome the journey that takes us on a speeding, twisting roller-coaster ride.

For years, I was living my life on autopilot, living in a fog, feeling as if something was missing within and in my life. As if there was a void that I couldn’t define and yet couldn’t escape.

I was clinging on to so much junk from the past, chasing things that ultimately didn’t matter, spent years pushing myself to be perfect, striving to do it all, to have it all, and to be the one who was always in control. On the outside, everything looked like I was holding it together perfectly fine, but on the inside was another story…

Now, I have flipped the script and discovered the truth… and I want to share it all with you! This is really where you, your group, or your team can begin to thrive and breakthrough! You will all become unstoppable as you are not alone! Your story is just beginning…

I am available for speaking engagements and would welcome the opportunity to share my message with your team or group. I will help your group or team discover how life truly works, how to ditch the stress, fear, and overwhelm for good and will inspire them to step into greatness and their God-given purpose.

You can choose one of my most popular signature talks for breakthrough or I can customize a talk for your personalized event:

  • Your God-Given Story is Your Message
  • Flip the Script – Ditch the Lies, Discover Truth
  • Chipping Away at Your Identity
  • Your Calling For Greatness
  • Just Breathe
  • Surrendering & Releasing
  • Overcome the Hard Things: Our Challenges Refine Us, Not Define Us

I am flexible and can work with what your group or team needs most. I have plenty of heartfelt topics, testimonies, stories, and ideas that I’m ready to share with you!

We can tailor each topic into a one-day seminar, lunch & learn discussions, or break them down into a series, depending on your needs, timetable, and preferences.

If you’re looking for an event speaker or have a need for a speaking engagement, reach out to me and let’s talk!

I look forward to hearing from you so that we can lock arms to make an impact on more lives!

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