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THE Dolly Sods Adventure

Announcing Dolly Sods THIS August!

August 11 - 14, 2022

Get Ready For The Most Epic Hiking Adventure That Will Put Your Body and Mind To The Test Amidst The Stunning Views in the Dolly Sods Wilderness!

If you’re a woman ready to get in touch with your inner athlete while exploring nature, challenge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally and bond with a like minded group of women, then we want to personally invite you to the Backpacker Adventure in the Monongahela National Forest!

Why You Want to Be There...

This is one powerful weekend that is designed just for you! Life often can be CraZy and we all need time to RECONNECT with ourselves, RECHARGE, and REFOCUS! You will be surrounded by highly driven, overachieving women who are on a mission to soak up God’s beauty and CRUSH a 30-mile hiking mission.

The Backpacker is an incredible way to have an adventurous outdoor experience in Dolly Sods Wilderness while hiking with only a light daypack and sleeping soundly in comfy, vehicle-accessible camps. We will set up camp (have access to a sprinter van), sleep in a tent, and embark on a series of unforgettable hikes! 

This weekend will fire up the empowered woman within you! There’s something about camping in the wilderness that makes us feel tough. We will learn to spend a few nights away from our everyday comforts, disconnect from the modern, technology-dependent lives we lead and we will reconnect with the rugged explorer inside of us. You will be stronger than ever and feel truly alive! Does that not sound absolutely AMAZING? You and your girlfriends will want to be there! 

THE BACKPACKER... A 30-Mile Hiking Mission.

Come and experience Dolly Sods Wilderness in the Monongahela National Forest in Grant, Randolph and Tucker Counties in West Virginia.

With over 17,00O acres and miles and miles of trails, Dolly Sods is a hiker’s paradise for the adventurous seeking wilderness and solitude.

We will spend a few days finding our fierce as we explore and hike 30 miles in the rocky, high-altitude plateau with sweeping vistas and lifeforms normally found much farther north in Canada. We will lace up our hiking boots and hit the trails that lead to the scenic natural wonders, such as the wind-carved boulders, heath barrens, grassy meadows, and the dense cove forest where the Red Creek flows guaranteeing spectacular views! 
We will also spend our days soaking up nature’s natural beauty that we have been gifted, connecting with the sisterhood while staying on the primitive campsite, or relaxing around the campfire where we will be awed with the colorful sunset of “the Sods”. Breakthroughs will surely be made as we soak in the views and step outside our comfort zone to endure the 30-mile trek in just 72 hours!
Join us for a one of a kind opportunity to experience the magic of Dolly Sods, look deep within yourself and develop genuine sisterhood. Through reflection, hiking, living on the land, family style meals prepared around the campfire, and a sense of adventure, we will embark on a journey that will allow us to feel more empowered, authentic, fearless and present than you’ve ever felt in your life! 


Disconnect from the trappings of our busy lifestyle with the ALL-INCLUSIVE BACKPACKER experience in Dolly Sods, West Virginia. 

A tent, sprinter van access, and all meals are included. Meals will include a diversity of tasty foods packed full of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We will carry foods that travel well in the outdoors – rice, pastas, lentils, beans, couscous, packaged meats, nuts, breads, oatmeal, granola, and more.

For boosted taste and energy, we will also have spices, herbs, oils, fruits and vegetables (fresh and dried). Throw in an assortment of trail mix, snacks, and dried fruits to eat on the trails!

Daily power journaling sessions sunset style or out on Lion’s Head to unlock massive breakthroughs.
Hiking everyday to conquer 30 miles in and through the wilderness of Dolly Sods.
The best part? The opportunity to meet new people, form the best of friendships and to embrace this journey we call life! 

PLUS an ah-mazing Swag Bag upon arrival loaded with Fit & Fierce essentials!

Everything is planned and taken care of for you… all you have to do is show up! And Hike!


An Unforgettable Mission

(*airfare & car rental excluded*)

Just 9 Spots Available... THAT IS IT!


Day One

We are going to experience an absolutely gorgeous 7.3 mile out-and-back trail which leads to the Lion's Head. Rocky at the beginning and looks more like a scramble than a trail. How fun! Oh, it may just have a river crossing too!

Day Two

Lace up your boots as we hit another challenging route - 11.1 mile loop. The first mile is the toughest then it flattens out after about 1.5 miles. May be muddy with a couple of river crossings. Perfect to soak the feet!

Day Three

Say what!? Another 11 mile loop? Yep! This one will take about 5 hours to complete. This loop offers an astonishing amount of scenic changes including mountain top vistas, forests, swamps, waterfalls, and meadows. Breakthroughs will surely be made.

Day Four

For the 30 and beyond gang... Be in the moment as we make our way on a 5.3 mile out-and-back trail. It may be difficult but will be worth the effort as the views are spectacular from Chimney Top.

Take a Sneak Peek of our most recent retreat in Grand Tetons...



(*airfare & car rental excluded*)
Just 9 Spots Available... THAT IS IT!


“This retreat was good for the soul. It wasn’t always easy but in those moments of vulnerability, I felt surrounded by love, support and laughter. I was reminded that I could do hard things. I can’t wait until next year! ”
– Michelle G. –
“Thankful for the opportunity to attend Jill Allen’s Be Unstoppable Retreat. It was an opportunity to connect with women, push my limits and learn about myself. Can’t wait to attend again!”
– Christina D. –
“This was my first Be Unstoppable Retreat adventure and it was inspiring, positive and a great way to meet women who I now call my new friends. I returned feeling supported, motivated and proud of my accomplishments. Food and accommodations were great. I appreciated that the activities could be scaled up or down to accommodate different levels. The Grand Tetons were a beautiful place to create and share memories.”
– Kelly M. –
“The Utah retreat was one of the most amazing, yet most challenging experiences of my life. With having depth perception issues I could’ve opted to pass on an excursion that required hiking through the Virgin River. In water, I am unable to judge depth. With the unstoppable mindset that Jill instills in you, it gives you the courage to face your fears! That day I took on the challenge and overcame! That day I was UNSTOPPABLE!”
– Susan E. –



(*airfare & car rental excluded*)

Just 9 Spots Available... THAT IS IT!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can count on unforgettable scenery, empowering physical challenges, loving support from ah-mazing women, deep personal growth, and will return home with a healthy glow, fit and refreshed! You will feel like a BEAST! And that is a good thing:)

Pretty much everything ladies! A Top-of-the-line tent for us to share, access to a Sprinter Van, sleeping pad, all meals including 3 Breakfasts, 2 Picnic Lunches, 3 Sisterhood Campfire dinners, Firewood, Hiking snacks, Guidance & Support, Park Pass and Camping Fees, Emergency equipment including a first aid kit and bear spray, Breakthrough Sessions, Swag Bag, and tons of fun! Not to mention the personal growth… is priceless! Excluded is your Wine/Beer & Transportation to and from the campsite. 

No. The closest major airport to Dolly Sods Wilderness is Warrenton-Fauquier Airport. This airport is 3 1/2 hours away from the center of Monongahela National Park. Car Rental is additional so load a car up.

Sure do! Personal payment plans can be arranged after a non-refundable $200 deposit is made to reserve your spot. 1/2 Payment is due July 15, 2022. Final payment is due August 1, 2022. Message me at to create a personal plan.

We are sharing a Sprinter Van Access and a Tent! Somewhat primitive style:) 10 women camping in the wilderness so be ready for our sisterhood adventure and for close bonds to be built. 

All adventure sales will be FINAL. With your $200 deposit, you are committing to the full payment of the hiking retreat. Refunds are not available. Tickets are transferable. Just plan to be there!

Absolutely! We actually encourage it. Head over to for your travel insurance options. 


Reach out to me at and let’s get them answered! 

I’m so glad I finally have consistency again

“Workouts are huge for me mentally. Thank you so much. I feel like I’m finally getting back into a routine and on track to keep it up. I had no energy. The last three weeks, I feel like a new person. I was really struggling, but now I feel strong again.”
~ Angela, Fit & Fierce Member

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