The Hawaii MISSION Team

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June 24-July 1, 2023

The Hawaii

Our team will spend an incredible week in Kauai serving the local community. God is on the move.

Work will be completed, people will be served, unbreakable connections will be made, and God's LOVE will be so ever-present.

We will partner with Praying Pelican Missions to experience life-changing moments - TOGETHER.

Our Recent Mission
June 25-July 1, 2022


Our team spent an incredible week in Anchorage to partner together to help further His Kingdom.

Work was completed, people were served, unbreakable connections were made, and God's LOVE was so ever-present.

All part of His plan... to gather a group of ordinary people to do extraordinary things - TOGETHER. Our team put in over 1000 hours of labor and over 1000 more in laughs, hugs, praise, relationships, worship and game-changing, heart-transforming moments in Alaska!

We were placed on this earth to love BIG. When God thinks of the best way to spread sincere love, He’s calling us (you and me) to step forward. 

Your influence is meant for Kingdom-Level Impact. 

And that is what we will be doing in 2023, as we will be serving in Hawaii. We would be thrilled for you, your family and friends to join the mission team. We will love. We will serve. We will give back. We will make a difference. We will further His Kingdom. Together.