Sister, you're being called to rise inside ...

The Just Breathe Sisterhood

A 12-Month Mindset & Accountability Experience Rooted in Biblical Truth For Christian Women Like You Who Are Ready to Rise Up

(Even if you doubt who you are and the relationships you have with yourself, others, and God!)

The Next Gathering Begins February 8th 2022

You've been dealing with some really rough days, personal struggles, and you've been feeling alone for way too long.

It’s been a hard battle, hasn’t it? 

You’ve done all you can, but something still seems “off,” and you can’t pinpoint why. Most of the time, if not every time – you go to church (or at least tune in), and you read your devotions and blast the worship music every chance you get… but it’s like you’re still waiting for a breakthrough.
You’ve realized you got some stuff to work through… and part of you is afraid to share that with anyone else for fear that you’ll be judged or nobody will understand. 
Because after all, if you’re walking with God, things should be perfect, right? 

Hard truth: Life isn't perfect. We aren't perfect. Our walk isn't perfect.
Better truth: It's all okay.

Because I know a God who is – and I know you do too. 

Look, this year hasn’t been the easiest. Frankly, it may go down as one of the hardest we’ve ever been through. Lately, I’ve been picturing myself, years from now, with shiny grey hair shortened to 3 inches from my scalp like Lucille Ball – telling my grandkids how we survived a pandemic … lived through a toilet paper shortage… and somehow, despite everything, we came out stronger. 
Maybe you’re thinking… “Jill, I don’t know where all this hope is coming from. I can’t even see past tomorrow.” 
Stay with me, sister – trust me. 
I’ve got GOOD NEWS, and it’s going to be a BETTER YEAR.

The Just Breathe Sisterhood is for overachieving women who:

If you have tried everything out there to let go of the stress and anxiety that comes along with being a wife, a mom, a woman …

If you think that nothing seems to truly work, and that every suggestion or thing you try always leaves you giving up something…
If you are beginning to wonder if you’ll ever achieve peace and satisfaction…
And if you are over feeling this way and you want to regain your confidence that you CAN live the life you desire without the stress and anxiety that has been your constant companion….

Then Just Breathe Sisterhood is for you!

Look, you already know Jesus, so I don't need to introduce you to the man who knows your heart and has handed you your purpose.

I’m not here to take credit for what God is already doing in your life or the peace and unconditional love He offers to all of us.

But, I am here to tell you that this road you’ve been traveling alone, the secrets you’ve been afraid to share, and the personal work you know you need to do within yourself – don’t need to be done alone.

As a wife and mother to 5 children, I can’t count how many times I’ve doubted myself – all the way from my strengths to my purpose. I’ve battled with the mindset and fear that comes when we don’t believe in who we are in Christ.

So why try to continue this alone?

There’s a sisterhood full of women who are ready to stand strong together, rise to His calling, and be in a place where women “we just get it.” Hand in hand, heart to heart, we got this thing called “life” together. 

This sisterhood is about something different. It’s not a community group at your local church. It’s not meant to replace church or daily devotionals or the dancing during worship when the kids are at school … 

It's about getting the mindset coaching you need to answer His call. We all have stuff that we need to work through - it took me 40+ years to finally write my book and share things I'd never dream about talking about just last year.

It wasn't until I discovered the path of 10 truths, rooted in God's word, that I began to self-heal, uncover the lies of deceit, and say "YES!" to God.

"YES! I'll answer the call on my life."

"YES! I'll release the pain and give it to You."

"YES! I'll let go and forgive."

"YES! I'll rise, Lord!"

And if you're reading this and thinking…

"Well, good for you, Jill. That'll never be me - I don't think I can do that just yet."

Remember this: Perfect is a lie.

You've never been more ready for all of this! But you DO need a community of women and a mindset coach rooted in Christian values and truth to guide you through this process to become the best version of yourself.

“That’s a tough pill to swallow, Jill.” 

Well, sister, go get you a glass of water – because I got more for ya, and it’s just the beginning.

I know the fear is holding you back, but I also know something else you need to hear, understand, and feel. 

You are worthy and…

And more than anything, you don't need to do this alone and feel like a constant imposter.

We all know the devil loves to use our mind as a playground to spread his seeds of lies.

I'm here to help you unravel every single lie and discover how to walk in God's truth, Your purpose, and Live FIERCELY.

So, if you really want to figure out how to be so at peace that no matter what comes your way, you "just breathe" through it knowing that God's got you, this is it…

Sister, you're being called to rise inside ...

The Just Breathe Sisterhood

A 12-Month Mindset & Accountability Experience Rooted in Biblical Truth For Christian Women Like You Who Are Ready to Rise Up

(Even if you doubt who you are and the relationships you have with yourself, others, and God!)

The Next Session Begins February 8th 2022!

Ready to stand strong in God's purpose and live fiercely, with a sisterhood of women with you every step of the way?


$ 95 Monthly
  • A Weekly Group Coaching Call - for 12 months, 52 Sessions!
  • Private Access to the Members' Area
  • Private membership to my Just Breathe Sisterhood Group
  • Less than a cable or cellular bill.


$ 950 Monthly
  • A Weekly Group Coaching Call - for 12 months, 52 Sessions!
  • Private Access to the Members' Area
  • Private membership to my Just Breathe Sisterhood Group

This is more than a journey. It's a deep calling to RISE.

You're not in this by yourself anymore when you're a part of the Just Breathe Sisterhood

I'm with you every step of this journey. I will support you to rise up, become the woman you know in your heart God wants you to be, step outside of the fear, the imposter syndrome, and the need to be all things to everyone.

I'm here to show you a better way, a path to surrender to the one who has control - the one who has it all figured out for us… if we listen, if we answer, and if we choose Him every single day of our lives.

Are you ready to say "YES!" to your calling?

I don't want to see you in the same position 12 months from now, struggling alone and wondering about your purpose and calling. My prayer for you is that you…

12 months from now - you could be where you wish you were today.

This is a rare group of women… and I'd love nothing more than for you to join us!

Here’s what your journey will include…

Plus, you'll get these helpful bonuses to support your journey!

That’s a real value of $11,330.00!

But I wanted to make this financially doable to all women so the investment to join The Just Breathe Sisterhood isn’t anywhere near that!

The Just Breathe Sisterhood is for women who are ready to answer the calling placed on their life, and they want to be a part of a group of women to walk the road together.

From our Just Breathe Ladies...

"Just Breathe" was just what I needed! It helped me refocus on the path that God has called me to. One thing we did that truly touched my heart was learning to quiet our minds and listen to the voice of God. It is such a blessing to make new faith filled friends!"
"I am not sure how I can capture the empowering and AH-MAZING moments of our faith journey. Thank you Jill Allen for encouraging and inspiring women each day on their physical, mental, and spiritual journey!"
"I was unsure of what to expect but I have known Jill for close to 20 years and felt confident she would make this an amazing experience. I was able to meet some amazing women with amazing life stories and an even more amazing love for God. I feel renewed and I found a connection with God I knew had been missing but did not know exactly how to find it. Thank you Jill for this amazing opportunity. Can’t wait see where this journey takes me!”

Let Me Answer Your Questions

The Just Breathe Sisterhood is perfect for the woman who is feeling called to rise up and answer God’s call. It’s for the woman who needs more support and unconditional love in her walk with God. She needs women who will be there for her every step of the way. She needs a mentor who has walked this walk, searched for her purpose, and has taken steps to answer the call for greatness. She needs guidance, love, and a space to be open and exactly who she is today and who she will blossom into within 12 months. She needs friends and sisterly love. Is she you? (If you’re saying “Yes!” to everything, then The Just Breathe Sisterhood is for you.)

The level of support is what sets apart the free group and the sisterhood. The free group reflects a limited offering of my support. It does not give my 1:1 undivided attention, include in-person retreats, weekly live group coaching calls, or any of the resources that I’ll be giving to the Just Breathe Sisterhood

This is a judgment-free zone. We aren’t here to judge you or your strength in your relationship with Christ. You’ll receive my coaching and support throughout this process to feel more confident as a Christian woman and in your relationship with yourself, others, and God. Just by you saying that I can pretty much guarantee that you just need more love in your life… we are stronger TOGETHER. None of us are perfect… and the beauty of that is that we don’t have to be. This is about taking imperfect action to answer our calling and rise to our purpose. He is strong, and therefore –

If you’re still unsure, send me an email at, and I’ll happily hop on the phone with you, and we can talk about if this is the right fit for you.