Jill Allen

The Mountain Mover

Show Highlights Include: Matthew 19:26 about the unshakable faith you need to move the mountains that are blocking your vision (2:40) Why having faith in your failures brings you more success than never failing at all (3:40) The quick, 3-second mindset shift that instantly attracts more positive and prosperous things to you (6:30) The “Mustard …

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A Clear Vision

Show Highlights Include How to find your purpose when your vision is clouded by distractions (17:39) How taking action gets you closer to finding your vision (even if you have no idea which way to move) (21:13) Why doing what’s “safe” is holding you back from your true purpose in life (22:33) How to reconnect …

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Six Life-Changing Lessons from the Glacier

Show Highlights Include The “Hiker’s Guide” to figuring out what really matters in life (3:14) An important lesson about life that most people learn too late (even though it’s true game changer) (07:44) The secret formula to developing radiating confidence and achieving incredible breakthroughs in anything you do (11:14) Why done is always better than …

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