As women, we’re constantly pressured to “Have it all.” It’s this idea of perfectly balancing raising kids, being an attractive, attentive wife, having a successful, fulfilling career, and, for Christian women, being active in church. It’s not easy trying to keep up, and too often, we push aside peace and fulfillment for perfection. 

Girlfriend, let me tell you –


Hi, I'm Jill...

…Fitness and Faith-based Mindset Coach, and I am here to make sure that you live your best life on your terms by discovering how to live life with fierce faith – Faith in God and faith in yourself.

I’m also….

  • A Child of God who is walking in truth
  • A proud wife to Rob for the past 22 years
  • A proud (and busy) mom to 5 awesome kids
  • A speaker
  • A podcaster
  • A published author

…and I am dedicated to helping women who are struggling to “have it all” realize what that really means.

Having it all doesn’t mean the nicest house or the most photogenic kids. It doesn’t mean working 80 hours a week while being on the most committees or groups at church.

I spent YEARS pushing myself to be perfect, to make everyone else happy, and keep everything under control. I was so busy trying to be perfect, I forgot how to be present. Present with my family, with my friends, even with God.

I thought I was working toward an abundant, fulfilling life, but instead, I just felt more and more depleted.

Some days I’d sit there and think to myself, “How am I ever going to get through this day?”… On the outside everything looked like I was holding it together perfectly fine, but on the inside was another story…

I felt exhausted, overwhelmed and breaking down from the stress. Even though I was going to church, reading devotions, and turning to God, I felt alone. Which made me feel like I was failing in faith because my relationship with God wasn’t perfect.

That constant weight on my shoulders wasn’t making me strong; it was wearing me down. I didn’t have faith in myself and I didn’t know what God’s plan for me was.

It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t have to lose my mind trying to be perfect because – guess what – PERFECT IS A LIE.

God didn’t need me to be perfect – He needs me to be present, to listen to His plan, and walk in His truth while taking care of myself. THEN I could focus on everything else because it would all fall into place.

My purpose was to first find my fierceness - to push myself in a different way, to get healthy, strong, and fit. That was having fierce faith in myself.

But I also needed to find fierce faith in God, and this meant immersing myself in His truth and rising up to embrace His plan.

Then, I realized that His plan was to serve other women – women who were struggling to be the best version of themselves but whose doubt, fear, and stress were holding them back.

I want to help you become unstoppable, whether that’s finding your fierce, fit self or helping you find your fierce faith.

You have so much power inside you, and I want to help you reach it.

Set Free by Jill Allen

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