Embracing Assertiveness

Welcome to the Find Your Fierce Podcast, where you will discover your fierce, unlock an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and ultimately transform how you show up daily. I’m your host, Jill Allen, and I’m so glad you’re joining me today.

In this episode, we’ll explore how to be assertive in a positive and well-received manner and avoid negative associations.

We’ll discuss the impact of fear, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the lack of assertiveness, along with the reasons we hold back and the missed opportunities that follow. Plus, we’ll talk about actionable steps to enhance your assertiveness skills.

Join me as we embrace assertiveness and step into bold confidence.

We will talk about:

(3:58) Where to cultivate more assertiveness in your life.

(6:27) The reasons why you are not being assertive and how to flip the script. 

(7:22) What happens when you’re not showing up assertively (and the opportunities you miss out on due to lack of assertiveness).

(8:35) How some people will not like that you are assertive (and how you can positively respond).

(10:22) The characteristics and traits of an assertive person.

(12:09) How we can be more assertive (and starter phrases that help you establish and maintain healthy boundaries).


Key Takeaway:

When you don’t show up with confident assertiveness, you aren’t showing up as truthful or honest and are not showing up with your fullest potential. – Jill Allen


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