Negativity & Negative People

Welcome to the Find Your Fierce Podcast, where you will discover your fierce, unlock an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and ultimately transform how you show up daily. I’m your host, Jill Allen, and I’m so glad you’re joining me today.

In this episode, we will discuss the impact of negativity and negative people in our lives. We’ll emphasize the importance of having a positive mind and mindset and provide tips on how to distance oneself from negativity, stop reacting to negative people, and live more proactively.

We’ll also touch on how to deal with toxic people and create a more positive life. So sit back, take notes, and learn how to cultivate a positive mindset and attract more positivity.

We will talk about:

(8:02) The two categories of negativity and their impact on our lives.

(9:34) How negativity can be displayed through our actions (and inaction).

(11:05) What you can do when you become aware of negativity showing up in your life.

(12:22) What simple approaches that helped me to become more positive.

(13:56) How to identify toxic or negative people (and what to do when you encounter one).

(16:45) The detrimental impact negative inputs have on our everyday encounters..

(19:30) How we create a more positive life for ourselves (7 tips)


Key Takeaway:

Negative inputs steal from us. They steal our joy and our sunshine, and when we don’t put boundaries on our input and don’t realize it’s our responsibility to guard what we put into our minds and hearts and protect what’s coming in, it has a detrimental impact. – Jill Allen


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