How You See Yourself

Welcome to the Find Your Fierce Podcast, where you will discover your fierce, unlock an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and ultimately transform how you show up daily. I’m your host, Jill Allen, and I’m so glad you’re joining me today.


In this episode, we will discuss how to learn to see yourself through your own eyes and the eyes of God.


Our lives can seem filled with self-doubt, overwhelm, and constant striving for perfection. Yet the truth is, it all begins with our ability to see ourselves clearly – through our eyes and God’s eyes.


This episode may be short and sweet, but it’s packed with the fire you need to start your day. So join me as we dive in and learn how to love and accept yourself as you are and see yourself the way God sees you.


We will talk about:


(2:18) Where my confidence comes from and the impact it has on my day.

(4:34) What I’ve realized when people are unhappy and how to best respond.

(5:33) How I struggled with feeling defective (and how I found hope in God).

(7:15) How God can bring about change in our lives and the ripple effect. 

(8:25) How worship songs can be used as a tool in spiritual battles (and one of my favorite go-tos)

(9:38) Why reflecting on God’s love and seeing yourself as a perfectly crafted work of art is a non-negotiable piece of the puzzle

Key Takeaway:

The God of the universe rejoices over you with joyful songs… Will that belief make the scales fall from your eyes for you to be open to how He sees us as beautiful, perfectly crafted works of art and creativity? – Jill Allen


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