What Will They Say

Welcome to the Find Your Fierce Podcast, where you will discover your fierce, unlock an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage and ultimatley transform how you show up every day. I’m your host, Jill Allen, and I’m so glad you’re joining me today.


In this episode, we’ll explore the internal self-talk that can keep us sidelined from our dreams and figure out who these mysterious “they” are that we all seem so afraid of. We’ll look at why we give them so much power over our lives and how we can start to silence their voices so that we can start living the lives we were meant to live. We’ll talk about what it means to stop caring so much what they think and to go do big things.


So join me as we talk about “What Will They Say,” the power of ignoring them and living the life we were meant to live.


Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:


(4:41) Personal experience of the fear of “what they will say” that hold me back from achieving some of my major transitions and decisions in life.


(6:24) Figure out who are these people that are keeping you from your potential.


(11:32) When you stop caring and live authentically, you become more magnetic and inspire others to explore the same.


(12:25) What are you Feeling and Failing? How they will give you the resilience, self-awareness, and confidence to achieve anything you want in life.


(13:31) When is quitting good? Stopping something is powerful and not always weak.


(16:49) 5 things that will help you continue through the fight of what they say and how to stick to what you want.


Key Takeaway:


When you step into life and stop caring what others say or think, you will be more alive, more magnetic, childlike and natural, joyful and free. And when people see that, they will want to explore that for themselves. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. – Jill Allen


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