One More Time

There are two kinds of problems:

Firstly, those which can be expected, and can turn into excuses holding us back from becoming our best selves.

And secondly, those which slice into our lives like sudden cuts, threatening to throw us off course unprepared.

It’s in those situations, when we have a choice.

To see ourselves as a victim – a certain way into resentment and misery.

Or to accept what lies outside of our control, and to move forward in spite of those obstacles.

In this episode, my friend Cheryl is going to share how to navigate those unpredictable adversities, and how to take control regardless of what life may throw at us.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to leverage traumatizing despair into life-changing determination with the help of your protective instincts (4:05)
  • The key areas in your life you can take control of right now to stay composed when unexpected obstacles appear.  (10:18)
  • How to transform your feelings of guilt into rock-solid resilience with the help of the people in your life (12:13)
  • The power of a short prayer every morning to gain clarity on your deepest needs, and to fulfill your dreams (22:08)
  • How to use what you already have in your life to turn into a warrior who heals the wounds of their past (23:54)

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