Mental Health

Show highlights include:

  • The hidden signs of mental health issues (and how to recognize it) (6:50)
  • The “Faking it” technique that people with depression use (and how to help them) (7:25)  
  • How “one size fits all” mental health diagnosis leads to disaster and struggle (8:15)
  • The “DNA testing” method used to prevent an escalation of depression (10:25)
  • Two sneaky ways to identify when a loved one is lying to you (12:05) 
  • Three ways to help someone in need of counseling (even if they’re denied by insurance) (26:00)
  • How to unlock God-like strength by using this simple prayer (26:35)
  • The “Abundance of Love” method to help someone in need (even if they refuse it) (34:00)

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