Not My Kid Series: 6 Tips For Raising Respectful Kids

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The weird way teeanagers use disrespect to solve their problems (and the healthier way to help them solve their problems) (3:35) 
  • 6 simple strategies to help you keep your peace when your children are disrespectful (8:22) 
  • The “2 hour punishment” method that erases your kid’s disrespectful attitude (11:09) 
  • How taking your kid’s side against their teachers or coaches subconsciously teaches them to be disrespectful (16:40) 
  • The 3 crucial roles parents need to play to raise hard working, respectful kids (18:33) 
  • How demanding respect backfires and makes your kids more disrespectful (20:30) 

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