Why you should never diet again

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The insidious way you can become addicted food (and the simple way to rewire your cravings) (2:10) 
  • How eating small, frequent meals throughout the day help you easily drift into a deep, restorative sleep (3:59) 
  • Why scrolling on social media invites energy vampires into your body that feed on your physical health (5:57) 
  • How cleaning eating instantly minimizes depression, anxiety, and ADHD (7:19) 
  • Why counting calories and dieting makes you unhealthier (and what to do instead to lose weight and keep it off) (11:21) 
  • How sleeping for 8 hours every day makes you more productive (especially if it seems like you’ll miss a big chunk of your day) (12:28) 
  • The “Pronunciation Filter” that helps you avoid eating foods that skyrocket your stress and inflammation (18:41) 

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