Parenting like a Queen

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How laughing instantly banishes anger when your kids drive you crazy (2:15) 
  • Why trying to discipline your children when you’re not calm backfires and makes them angrier and more upset (4:41) 
  • The “Emotional Oxygen Mask Method” that puts parenting on “easy mode” (5:46) 
  • How to use your “Inner Benevolent Dictator” already inside you to always be cool, calm, and collected when dealing with chaotic children (6:26) 
  • 3 go-to archetypes all mothers revert to that poisons your relationship with your kids (and how to replace these with the demeanor of a good queen) (7:02) 
  • The subtle, yet insidious way asking permission from your kids makes them not respect you (10:02) 
  • How giving your children nice commands makes them happy to do what you say (12:33) 
  • A simple, but powerful mental fitness exercise that instantly makes you a better, more joyful mom (15:53) 
  • The “Superwoman Stance” that effortlessly brings out your inner queen (especially when you’re stressed and frustrated) (18:09) 
  • The “Advisor Technique” that empowers your teenagers and prevents them from having mental breakdowns (21:55) 

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