Flipping the script on parenting, marriage, and life

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The single biggest regret all mothers share (and how being present frees you from suffering from your regrets) (5:31)
  • How to handle the tough teenage years (without depriving your children of the freedom and independence they need to grow) (8:05) 
  • The simple “15 minute cleaning session” that teaches your kids independence, makes your house sparkling clean, and helps you bond with your kids (12:28) 
  • How getting closer to Jesus enhances your marriage (even if it seems like you’ll have less time to spend with your husband) (16:18) 
  • Why checking off items on your to-do list and striving to reach your potential in business makes you forget your purpose (and the counterintuitive way to rediscover your life’s mission) (21:43) 
  • How having a relationship with Jesus gives you unlimited freedom (even if you’re not a religious person) (24:09) 

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