Finding Deep Peace in the Midst of Chaos Part 2

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How one simple question reveals with crystal clear certainty if God’s calling on your life or it’s just something you want to do (6:01) 
  • The first step after a big disagreement with your husband that brings you closer instead of creating more division (12:49) 
  • The first step to strengthening your relationship with your husband — especially after a big argument (12:49) 
  • How simply saying “yes” to God’s calling almost magically prepares you for it (even if you’re the most unqualified person on the planet) (15:07) 
  • Why falling short on your plans is a gift from God that means bigger, life-altering plans are right around the corner (20:37) 
  • The “God goggles” method that helps you easily lead other people to Jesus (without them thinking you’re proselytizing them) (23:16) 

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