Real Talk Series: Ask a Doc

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • How 3 little words can change your entire outlook on life — especially during uncertain times (3:41) 
  • The insidious reason the media creates panic and fear (even if it isn’t true) (4:20) 
  • Why everyone is wrong to worry about the virus (straight out of an OB/GYN’s mouth) (6:34) 
  • How fear tricks your brain and causes symptoms to appear out of thin air (7:43) 
  • The single biggest problem with quarantines that sabotages your immune system more than the virus (10:56) 
  • The absolute worst health crisis we face in modern society that is completely avoidable (13:08) 
  • A proven way to cut mortality rates in half from respiratory diseases (15:53) 
  • The mysterious way to make life better (even if you have a deadly disease) (17:49) 

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