Guilt, Shame, Perfectionism

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • Are you subconsciously adding more depression, anxiety, and anger to your life? Find out here… (1:35) 
  • How perfectionism is preventing you from reaching your potential (4:19)  
  • Perfectionism’s dirty little trick that robs you of your self-esteem, sanity, and enjoyment of life (6:15) 
  • The little-known secret for instantly melting your stresses away (8:21) 
  • The subtle mindset shift that immediately makes life more enjoyable and fulfilling (8:31)
  • The 3-step sequence that anyone can follow to break free of perfectionism’s iron grip on your life (9:00) 
  • How your perfectionism is poisoning your kids (9:42) 
  • The case for laughing at your mistakes — especially the most embarrassing and disappointing ones (12:59)

If you have zero energy to focus on yourself and need extra support and accountability from women who know what it’s like to juggle a crazy busy life, then go to and become unstoppable with us. 

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