7 Self-Care Strategies Every Busy Mom Must Know and Use

If you’re a busy, working mom, you have a lot on your plate nearly ALL the time. You’re constantly taking care of everyone else in your life and not giving yourself everything you need. No matter how busy you might be, it is essential to make time for self-care in your life. 

Without self-care, you will experience burn-out and exhaustion. You will not be able to perform your best because you will not feel your best. That lack of self-care can affect you in many different areas of your life. In turn, it will also affect your kids, your marriage, your work, and so much more. 

This is why it’s important to include self-care as a part of your routine. This is easier said than done, especially when you’re a busy mom with so much to handle. As you know, it can be tricky to put your own needs ahead of your kids’ needs. It can be hard to take extra time to take care of yourself when you could be taking care of your family. 

Because of this, you might find yourself needing a little extra support when it comes to getting started with self-care. To help you out, here are 7 self-care strategies that every mom should know and use:

1. Break your day into smaller sections.

When you plan out your day, plan it in chunks instead of planning it as the whole day. You will likely find it easier to stick to everything that needs to be accomplished. You will be less overwhelmed than you would be by looking at the day as a whole. Doing this can help you to schedule in more self-care time, even if it’s a short 10-minute stretching session or a few minutes of journaling after lunch. Within each chunk of time throughout your day, you can include a quick self-care activity. Look for short self-care practices that are easy to squeeze in here or there. 

2. Use the 30-30-30-30 rule.

If this is too tricky to master right away, try 10 or 15-minute chunks to start with. As you progress, you can increase the time. Each segment of time has its own purpose. You can set these for yourself, but a good place to start is: 30 minutes for your kids, 30 minutes for your partner, 30 minutes of alone time, and 30 minutes getting prepared for the day or week. 

3. Take time to feel your best.

When you’re a busy mom, you might be tempted to avoid wearing makeup or doing your hair. That may fall at the bottom of your list of priorities. This is totally up to you, but it is important to realize the value of taking care of yourself and feeling your best. Your beauty routine can be a part of your self-care routine. Some people perform better when they feel confident and put-together. Caring for yourself allows you to care for others too. 

4. Plan out your morning and evening self-care routines.

If you have a clear, consistent plan, it can be easier to stick to your self-care routine. Decide what you want to do each morning and evening. Self-care can be as simple as journaling before bed or a short meditation when you wake up. Anything that allows you to care for yourself is self-care. You can define it yourself.

5. Bring some self-care items with you.

You might not always have time for self-care, even if you try your best. To help with this, bring a few of your favorite things along with you so you can do self-care at work or in the car. A few ideas include your favorite hand cream, a journal, an essential oil roller, and a good book. Not everything can be done on the go, but a few things may make a difference. 

6. Involve your kids in your self-care routine.

As you begin taking care of yourself, you may find that you simply don’t have a lot of time on your own. If your kids are young, they may be around all the time. If you work all day, you might not have time for self-care until your kids are in bed. This is normal, but there are ways to work around these potential roadblocks. By doing self-care activities that include your kids, you can set a good example and take care of yourself at the same time. 

7. Get in the habit of waking up early.

It can be a challenge to begin waking up early if you are already burnt out and exhausted. This can be a great way for you to make time for self-care no matter what is ahead of you. If possible, wake up an hour earlier than you need to. Take a refreshing shower, meditate, read a book, or just take it easy. These early mornings can give you an opportunity to start your day on the right foot. 

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Jill Allen
Fitness & Mindset Coach
Wife & Mom of 5


Jill Allen

Jill Allen

Jill Allen is a leading Fitness & Mindset Coach. As a wife, a mom to 5, and a multiple business-owner, she is always practicing what she preaches and teaches by making personal growth a priority in her life. She loves teaching clients her secrets and her mindset system that has propelled her to massive success - and nothing fulfills her more than watching her clients achieve the same massive results by removing mindset blocks.

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