4 Easy Tips to Create a Self-Love Routine and Ignite Your Fierce

We all know that we should be making time for self-love. We’re told that it’s important and that it can really have a positive impact on our lives. Busy moms need the most self-love because they are constantly busy pouring out love for others. This often leads to women neglecting themselves. That’s where the self-love needs to come in.

Actually doing self-love is the hard part. We know how important it is and how it’s meant to make a difference. In your life, you might not feel like you’re at a place where you have the time or energy to establish a self-love routine. This is a vital part of finding the fierceness you have buried deep inside of you.

To help you start igniting your fierce, here are 4 easy tips to create a self-love routine.

1. Meet yourself where you are.

We are all on a journey of discovering the fierceness that is inside of us. We are all working toward loving ourselves. Keep in mind that this journey is unique to each individual person. Your journey is not the same as anyone else’s.

Because of this, it is essential to meet yourself where you are. You can’t expect to be perfect at loving yourself the first time you start your routine. You are growing and learning how to love yourself and how to ignite that fierce.

When you are establishing your routine, figure out what works for you. Think about how much time you have each day. Even starting small will help you to love yourself more. Think about small improvements you can make. Think about what is most important to you personally. Self-love is all about you. Find what works for you, what helps you to love yourself, and what time you have to spend on self-love.

2. Find the purpose in loving yourself.

No matter how many times you have heard that self-love is important, it can help to hear it from yourself. Think of everything you may have heard about self-love. Now, think about how you want that to impact your life.

It’s personal and it affects everyone differently. You might want to try self-love because you are tired of talking negatively about yourself. You might think that self-love will help you to be a better mother to your kids. Figure out why you want to practice self-love and how you hope it will impact you.

Sometimes, it helps to know why it’s important to you personally. You have to find that importance, that want, or that need inside of yourself. Once again, this is personal to you so there is no right or wrong answer. Having your own personal answer will help you to connect to your self-love routine and stay on the right track.

Hiking is My Self-Love

3. Choose a couple of self-love activities that are meaningful to you.

Remember that self-love is based on what is important to you. You aren’t necessarily going to have the same self-love routine as every other woman you know. When you choose your own self-love activities that bring meaning to your life, you will be more motivated to make them a part of your everyday life.

There are countless ways to practice self-love. To start, select two or three. These are some of the self-love activities you can choose from, but you can also come up with your own.

–       Meditate

–       Practice positive affirmations

–       Put your phone away for parts of the day

–       Write in a gratitude journal

–       Write a list of things you love about yourself

–       Take 20 minutes to exercise to start your day

4. Find an accountability partner or a community.

Having someone to count on can go a long way. Find someone in your life who will help to keep you on track. You can have a great routine planned out, but you might need some extra encouragement to follow through.

Maybe ask your partner to remind you to take that time for yourself. You and your best friend might both be focusing on self-love. Check in at the end of each day with your partner. You can join the Find Your Fierce Retreat or the Be Fit and Fierce community and look to the group for support. The opportunities are endless.

Fit & Fierce Sisterhood

Over time, you may find that you are also letting yourself down when you let your accountability partner down. This can help you to focus in and keep working toward your self-love goals.

Remember that this isn’t meant to happen overnight. You will need to put in some time and effort to stick to your self-love routine. What’s important is that you’re trying your best and you’re making progress.

When you make time for self-love, you are improving your life and the lives of those around you. If you feel guilty for taking time for yourself, remind yourself that your self-love routine is going to have a positive impact on your work, marriage, kids, and more.

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Jill Allen
Fitness & Mindset Coach
Wife & Mom of 5


Jill Allen

Jill Allen

Jill Allen is a leading Fitness & Mindset Coach. As a wife, a mom to 5, and a multiple business-owner, she is always practicing what she preaches and teaches by making personal growth a priority in her life. She loves teaching clients her secrets and her mindset system that has propelled her to massive success - and nothing fulfills her more than watching her clients achieve the same massive results by removing mindset blocks.

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