Today is Someday–Just Go For It

I have been saying “someday” for a while now. However, “someday” was just not going to magically appear unless I intentionally took massive action. Today is someday. Today, I decided to Just Go For It!

Someday is Today

So here is my first blog post after years of saying “someday.”

Overthinking has kept me stuck. Paralyzed from over-analyzing everything. All the should have’s and could have’s was making me think of all the would have’s and all the what if’s….but what if I just go for it?

Ultimately fear spearheaded the overthinking. Should I start something like this? What will people think of my writing? What if I fail? Let’s be real here, I failed my 12th grade English and Writing Proficiency tests, so it is quite possible. Could I even add value? Would I make a difference? Could I even…

Today, I ditched the fear. Today, I decided to just go for it.

Putting all the overthinking and the fear aside, I am moving forward. Facing fear head on and having fierce faith in what’s possible. Starting from exactly where I am and as exactly who I am. 

today is someday
Just Go For It

So whatever “it” is for you – Just Go For It!

Whether it is to start a fitness journey (again), run a 5K or to run a marathon, to start a business, make a career change, to go back to school, or take the trip of a lifetime—Just Go For It. 

Quit second guessing yourself and start pursuing what sets your soul on fire. Stop settling for mediocrity and start believing in you and who you were created to be. Ditch the excuses and face your fears head on.

Stop waiting as if you get to live twice and today…Just Go For It. Today is your someday.

What are you going to go for today? You got this! We got this!

Jill Allen
Fitness & Mindset Coach
Mom of 5

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Jill Allen

Jill Allen

Jill Allen is a leading Fitness & Mindset Coach. As a wife, a mom to 5, and a multiple business-owner, she is always practicing what she preaches and teaches by making personal growth a priority in her life. She loves teaching clients her secrets and her mindset system that has propelled her to massive success - and nothing fulfills her more than watching her clients achieve the same massive results by removing mindset blocks.

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