I’m trying to comprehend how it is even possible our kids are entering 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grade!? Crazy! Another school year has passed and it is time to think about our summer trip.

I am thinking I may be selfish.

I am grasping for more time. For the reason that reality is sinking in and I am stressing out that we have 2 summers left with all 5 kids under one roof as the whole entire Allen gang. Two! Two, I say! That is it before our oldest graduates and spreads his wings. As always, another school year flew by. It just can’t be. There is too much that I still want to do with our kids and it feels that time is all too quickly slipping away.

Our family at Muir Woods National Park.
Muir Woods National Park

I think of all the places we want to see, the places we want to explore, and all the things we want to do. Because showing them what is possible, showing them the world and all that is out there — experiencing and creating moments with them is everything to me. Most importantly, I want that time with them. I want to be able to spend those precious moments with them and create those memories that last a lifetime. Life is way too short.

Three years ago I got super excited and started mapping out a road trip. Say what? The Allen’s crammed in a car for 2 weeks? Can you picture that? Sounds fun, right? Where should we go? When should we go? Thinking of all the destinations that are a must, we zoned in on the Northeast Coast and the New England states with major stops like D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, the Cape, Maine, and then swinging by Niagara Falls on the way back home…of course places I remember going when I was their age. If I remember right, my brother and I complained the entire car ride. In other words, think of all the fun that it would be to have our kids experience the same.

Three summers have gone by and we are still talking about it.

There is never a good time to take off and hit the pavement. There is always something. This year is going to be different though. This summer we are going to make sure it happens.

Super excited, I pulled out the family calendar and let’s just say a major breakdown occurred. Baseball practice, baseball games, baseball tournaments, baseball camp, basketball camp, golf camp, and jam packed schedules take up EVERY SINGLE DAY between now and through the end of July. Wait…then there is August when school sports have mandatory practice. The summer is over before it even starts. Mind starts spinning, heart starts racing, tears start flowing…when is there time for family trips?

I start having conversations with myself. Asking what do we do? If we leave for 2-3 weeks, will our kids be behind? Of course they will. Will they make the team? Who knows. Will they miss out? Absolutely. Will they let their team down? Will they let their coach down? As a former 3 sport varsity coach…we knew who put the time in and who did not during those summer months. Does that teach commitment if we just take off? Commitment to what? Does family time or sport schedules come first? Argh. Will they be punished for not attending practices and games? Possibly.

So what is the answer?

What do we do? When should we go? Should we go? Remember…I am selfish and I want that TIME. Our family needs that TIME. Time is precious and I want to spend it traveling with 5 kids in a crammed car (my husband says I will need a tranquilizer) traveling the country creating memories that we can laugh about 50 years from now.

Yosemite National Park

It’s simple.

All this stressing and the solution is really SIMPLE. If you are are in the same boat…Take the trip. Make the memories. Spend the time. Realize that there will always be something on the schedule and as a result, something will always be missed. If not, we will look up and another year will go by. Another summer will go by. Then before we know it our kids are gone. Above all, be selfish and take the trip. Our kids will thank us someday.

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